Saturday, February 11, 2017

Top Katunayake capacity to 15 million passengers per year

Bandaranaike International Airport by 9.5 million passengers handled by the year 2016, has been projected to the year 2020 when 14.5 million passengers around behavior.

And airport infrastructure development to increase the Airport passenger handling capacity to 15 million per passenger objectives

Framework agreement on tax and customs duties to EU

The European Union (EU) funded by grants amounting to more than US $ 220 million to the Government of Sri Lanka and also a significant amount of humanitarian aid has been provided.

2014 - 210 million euros (about 34 billion for the period 2020) to provide more aid and the EU have agreed to, and the amount of € 72 million has been allocated for 03 projects already.

Sri Lanka is Asia's next superpower - the United States a handful of flowers

According to the current situation in Sri Lanka has become a powerful nation in Asia during the next aæmarikā US Acting Secretary of State bṛṛs vōṭan says.

He points out that the US and increasing relations with Sri Lanka.

Friday, February 10, 2017

The first hybrid power plant in the country to work

The first hybrid power plant in the country (10) will open.

The Jaffna eluvātiv cases.

The wind power plant with a capacity of 60 kW, solar and diesel power means that the Ministry of Power, producing electricity.

Site to solve the crisis Expert Committee President

President Maithripala Sirisena has decided to appoint a special expert committee recommendations for awarding the problematic situation has been noted that solutions to private universities

 The President at the meeting this morning with representatives of the Government Medical Officers' Association and the Association of Dental Public officials had expressed their stance on President's Media Division said.

India's record is seized South Africans

South Africa Records joined the team surpassed 350 runs in ODI cricket match limit more often.

That was the last match against Sri Lanka in the last 384 million collected and movement.

The South African team has gone beyond the limit of 350 runs in 24 matches.

The previous record holder for 23 balls when the Indian team's performance.

South Africa number one

South Africa were able to finish the First World ODI rankings.

The 5th and final ODI against Sri Lanka in the last match with the team winning by 88 runs.